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If you are looking for the lady of your heart, you may have already tried all the options available. We mean traditional means of getting acquainted with women like via friends, relatives, at work, some social gatherings, pubs, etc. But what about online dating? Have you heard about it? It’s a great way of meeting single women staying in the comfort of your own house.

Everything you should know about cyber dating

Online dating isn’t a novelty, and the times when cyber daters have been mocked at or labeled as insane losers are gone. Guess how many Americans are looking for their love online today? 40 million! (and it’s only an approximate number) However, there still exist common stereotypes that may hinder your decision to join one of the online dating platforms. What are they?

Myth 1    30+ women aren’t popular with men

Well, though it may be true that men are hunting young flesh and blood, they hardly end up dating them long. It’s not a matter of beautiful experience only; no male wants to be in a long-term relationship with a pretty drama queen who is shallow inside. That’s why mature females are an excellent choice for men looking for a meaningful bonding. Besides, keep in mind that women get only better with age, just like a good wine.

Myth 2    Virtual dating promotes hook-up culture

No way. Some blame cyber dating for promoting casual sex. People meet online, have sex, and forget each other. Yet, it all depends on a person. Casual sex has always been a part of our lives, regardless of the fact where we meet a potential «victim.» In fact, according to experts, one-third of recent US marriages have been born online. Not to mention the fact that cyber communication gives you as much time as you need to learn your online crush better.

Myth 3    There are more liars in cyberspace

Another popular misconception. Of course, many of us want to be thinner, taller, or a bit wealthier, but as researches on online dating prove, cyber daters realize that lies cannot be a ground for a relationship that may get real one day. So yes, while there is some share of exaggeration in online profiles, people aren’t lying in cyberspace more than in reality.

An online dating platform: what is that?

my specialdates

Simply put, it is a service allowing single people all over the world to meet, communicate, and engage in a meaningful relationship. Take, for instance. Registering with this platform, you get immediate access to thousands of Slavic girls from Ukraine, Russia, Poland, etc. You have to fill in your profile, mention a preferable image of your favorite lady, and the automated search engine will find the most suitable matches for you. Let’s consider in detail how you can look for your love on such dedicated dating sites.

Join with a breeze

Since online dating is praised mainly for its simplicity of usage and variety of romantic options, the process of registering with the site should be effortless. And Myspecialdates’ Team knows that perfectly well. That’s why they don’t ask for much data, except your name, email address, and birthdate. Also, you’ll be asked to create a password to make your account safe. That’s it! Now, you are one step from getting immersed in the ocean of pure love! Press the button, and the system will show you prospective matches.

Is the service free or paid?

The online dating platform operates on the basis of pay-per-action model, which means that you buy credits to perform definite functions. Yet, after you join the site and confirm your email (by following the link in a letter they send to your inbox), they grant you a definite amount of free credits! Use them to check the service and decide if you want and need to move further with this platform.

As for free actions, you can receive and read messages, look for your matches and enjoy their gorgeous pictures (both professional and routine), watch Slavic ladies’ stunning video shows (one per day comes for free). To try other features, use those bonus credits you’ve got on your account. Also, it’s preferable to thoroughly complete your profile, which will give you additional free credits.

Why exactly Slavic ladies?

Actually, the reason why we recommend this dating environment is its rich pool of Slavic girls. They are well-known for their stunning natural beauty, the ability to look after themselves, and excellent innate qualities.  What else makes them the dearest treasure men all over the world are fighting for?

  • Faithfulness, deep respect for their beloved man, and passion that is in their blood;
  • Versatility of interests — they aren’t only great housewives but decisive business women (if they want it) and reliable life-long partners;
  • Caring, attentive, and empathetic interlocutors who will always listen to you and lend a helping hand;
  • Their innate femininity makes them desirable lovers and tender mothers;
  • Typically, they are family-oriented and will let their man become a leader (of course, if he is a worthy partner)

Choosing the woman of your dream

At, you don’t need to spend much time looking for a lady you like. The only and the most important thing for you to succeed is to know what exactly you are looking for. Should your charming match be tall, blond, have blue eyes, and work as a flight attendant? What about her religion, hobbies, and habits? The site allows you to mention all the details you find necessary — just apply detailed filters and enjoy the results.

Also, let us remind you that it’s easy to pick an appealing Slavic woman, but the question arises: how can you make her notice you amidst tons of other males? And here comes the answer: create an attractive profile! Since this is the first thing a woman discovers about you, put some effort to create a nice picture of yourself. How do you do that? Follow these steps.

Make a favorable impression


First of all, make sure you don’t leave blank fields. It’s vital since empty space means you don’t let others form a complete image of you as a potential match. More importantly, Slavic girls consider it as a sign of you being disinterested in a long-term relationship, which significantly diminishes your chances to win their heart. Next, avoid lies (even white lies) while describing your virtues. Be realistic, honest, and add a bit of humor to your story.

Another point to consider is uploading pictures to your profile. The first picture needed is your profile pic. Don’t underestimate its value — would you be interested in talking to a girl without knowing how she looks? We doubt it. So, choose a nice positive shot where a woman can clearly see your face. Avoid brutal pics presenting you like a womanizer, Slavic ladies won’t like that for sure. As for your other photos, it would be great if they reflected your lifestyle and underlined your uniqueness.

Now that we are done with a technical part, let’s see how you should communicate with your precious one. All women like compliments, so compliment your online crush as often as possible. However, make your words of praise special and genuine, which requires you to be very attentive to detail. Also, women go crazy when you compliment their inner traits, not just beautiful appearance. Then, be polite and respectful during your virtual communication.

Gentlemen are very welcome!

Presumably, there is no woman who doesn’t like caring and kind men. You may start wondering how you can prove you are a gentleman if you are dating online? Myspecialdates gives you such an opportunity! Send your special lady a sweet bouquet of flowers or some nice present you can pick up from their gift catalogue. Keep in mind that it doesn’t necessarily have to be an expensive gift — it’s your attention and desire to make your woman happy that matter.

  • If you think that a virtual relationship cannot get real, read the following information very carefully. With reliable dating platforms like the one in question, you can easily move your relationship to a new level. Make a contact details request and get either your favorite girl’s email or phone number (if she agrees, of course).
  • Also, if your passionate hearts can’t stand the distance separating you any longer, make a meeting request! Come to meet your lady in person in her city of residence and enjoy those incredible moments spent together. The site’s Team will help you organize your trip as well as you date, so just rely on them.

No safety concerns

Dating on, you shouldn’t be afraid of anything. All the females’ profiles are verified manually by the site’s Team, and the latter always monitors the activities on the platform. For you, it means that there is hardly any possibility of scam or talking to bots. Yet, if something strange happens and you have some doubts or suspicions, notify the Support Team the soonest. Never share your personal information with anyone and send money to unknown members, and you will spare yourself many troubles.

The bottom line

There is nothing better than using a helping hand of professional services, do you agree? Even if we are talking about a love relationship, there is nothing wrong about trying to find your beloved woman online. Just choose a nice platform like and off you go! Good luck!


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