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Why is it beneficial to date Russian women?

International dating has become very popular in recent years. Much can explain this tendency while western men seek a chance to find a girlfriend or even a future wife living in a different country. Ladies from Eastern Europe have become the main spot of interest among males, and one state stands out when compared to others. This country is Russia, and women from this region have always attracted special attention from men worldwide. But are they so ideal as people describe? 

Actually, Russian ladies have always been successful in attracting people’s attention. But it’s not all about their appearance as people find them great when it comes to their personal qualities. Simply put, if you want to be one of those luckiest men who have managed to gain their heart, you need to start looking for a decent site where your love journey will start. Before doing so, learn some important features of Russian belles to understand their behavior better.

Dating Russian women: top features to know

In those regions where Russian women go on holidays, they become the most popular. For example, when you go to Turkey or Greece, you’ll notice that many men attempt to gain Russian ladies’ attention. Of course, not all of them succeed in dating these charming women. One of the main problems is that they don’t know much about them. Here are some great features typical of Russian girls:

  • Perfect bodies: it’s hard to come up with one theory explaining Russian’s unearthly beauty and their shapes. One of the tourists who has dated a Russian lady says that he was impressed by her inherent beauty since his girlfriend didn’t even attend a gym to keep her body perfectly slim.
  • Obsession with appearance: Russian beauties are obsessed with their appearance. They do their best to look better, fitter, and younger. Age has never been their problem, and as for their obsession, they have a charming appearance, which is why it’s hard to guess their age.
  • Romantic personality: although these ladies are claimed to be pessimistic, most of them are very romantic by nature. If you want to impress a Russian girl, do your best to set up a romantic date, and you’ll be rewarded for that. They admire gentlemen who never forget to pay compliments to their women.
  • Valuing family concept: although it’s hard to find a Russian lady who isn’t modern and career-oriented, almost all of them are family-oriented at the same time. Thus, they can combine both work and family, and having children is quite important to almost every Russian lady.
  • Specific humor: when it comes to having fun, it’s hard to find a nation close to Russians. These ladies from the coldest country have a great time and laughing is their main hobby. Sense of humor is what they are born with, and if you know how to make them laugh, you are much closer than others in terms of gaining their love.
  • Anti-feministic values: it’s not surprising that women from western Europe are preoccupied with feministic values, some of which go too radically. Consequently, western men seek their chance with ladies far from such values, and Russian ladies are perhaps the best candidates in this aspect.
  • Hot and passionate nature: the coldest country is famous for the hottest ladies in the world.  Indeed, if you need a girlfriend or wife insatiable in bed, then it means Russian ladies should be your first consideration. Believe it or not, these women will do their best to make you satisfied.
  • Materialistic values: perhaps, this will sound like their negative side, but it’s true that Russian women value materialistic things. They are really pragmatic in this aspect. So, if you want to impress a Russian belle, approach her with an impressive gift. 
  • Straight nature: sometimes you can come across comments claiming that Russian ladies might be rude, and to some extent, this is right, as they are very straight and don’t like lying. When they don’t like something, you’ll definitely be informed about that. What’s more, they hate when someone lies to them.  

Dating Russian women online and in real life

russian women for dating

Russian ladies have never been too modest or humble, and thus, you should be confident enough to get acquainted with them. They value it when a man dares to approach them and have a conversation. They are quite social and friendly people although they might seem a bit cold at first. Here are some more tips on how you can impress your Russian lady:

  • Learn some Russian phrases: she will be really impressed when you can say at least something in their mother tongue. It can be hard since the Russian language is one of the most difficult ones.
  • Be patient enough: Russian ladies can be doubtful about your intentions at first. Don’t be deceived by their kind and social nature. You’ll have to impress her and be patient enough to get her attention.
  • Be honest and open: besides valuing gentlemen, these women value the open nature of men. There’s no need to hide something or lie to them. Be straightforward with them to gain their respect.
  • Spoil her with compliments and gifts: since Russian cuties are  obsessed with their appearance, it’s a good idea to underline their charming beauty. What’s more, you need to show your love with presents and flowers.
  • Show your generosity: try to be generous enough to impress her. For example, don’t forget to invite her to some cool restaurants.  But you should never show that you are a stingy person as you’ll lose them easily.
  • Be creative: some people disregard the fact that Russian ladies are well-educated, and some of them are quite erudite. While you are reading Dostoevsky or Tolstoy in their  translated versions, they have read the books several times. So, get prepared for dating.
  • Avoid comparing them to other ladies from Eastern Europe: don’t ever try to overgeneralize Russian ladies or compare them with ladies from Ukraine, Bulgaria, etc. They like being treated as someone special.

Dating Russian women online: about websites you will need

Can you find a free dating site for meeting Russian ladies online? Actually, there are some sites offering their services for free, but to say that they are great in many senses will be wrong. You need to know that the best way of meeting and dating Russian women could be through reliable and safe platforms, and such sites tend to be costly enough. Thus, be attentive when choosing your prospective dating site. Here are some pros of choosing paid dating platforms:

  • More advanced security and data protection: indeed, it’s clear that paid platforms can afford to provide the best data security options. What’s more, thanks to investment, these platforms can ensure security with the latest software tools.
  • Profile quality: another important aspect of such sites is that they can provide the best quality of profiles online. For example, when online, you can see that some platforms can offer you to look for profiles that are validated by the platform,  a feature common among paid platforms.
  • More options: on such sites, you can always find someone online so that you can access as many profiles as possible. Thus, in terms of options, paid dating platforms offer more than free dating sites.
  • More professional support online: you can receive more professional and timely help when needed. But, that feature is not great on free dating platforms since it requires investment to ensure a high quality of support team online that should be always present.
  • Coming back to the question of using a paid dating site, you need to know that if you want to start dating Russian women online, you should find a good and reliable platform. Alas, this means you need a more professional and top-notch website. Still, you can face the following cons of using paid platforms:
  • Higher prices: some sites may charge more than average, and some people overpay for the service they can get for a lower price. Thus, be careful when choosing the platform and make sure that you have compared the prices.
  • Refund problems: although the majority of the site claims to have a refund policy, you may have problems with getting your money back if you’re not content with their services. Thus, before you start using paid features, be sure that you have looked through refund policy terms.

Choosing dating sites for meeting and dating Russian women

dating russian women

Definitely, anyone planning to meet and date Russian ladies should be emotionally and financially ready for the challenges. There are many factors that will contribute to expenses such as distance, site services, sending gifts, arranging real dates, and so on. Thus, you have to find the best platform not to be let down in the end. The best way to pick your dating platform is to look through reviews made by experts. With these reviews, you can learn about the following factors:

  • Site’s overall impression: find out about how the site works and what it offers to its potential client. What’s more, you can learn more about the legal aspects of the platform.
  • Interface and useful links: what is important to know is whether the site offers to its clients convenient design and useful information. Bear in mind that the site should be easy and straight in use.
  • Free and paid service range: the paid sites will offer an impressive range of services, so with reviews, you can find out about their prices and which features are offered for free.
  • Free trial option availability: since paid platforms charge for their services, you need to be able to check them before buying. Thus, some platforms will offer free trial options.
  • Other factors: you can learn about the payment methods, refund policy, support online, profile quality, and much more.

Bottom line

Dating Russian women online is a great experience only if you know where and how to meet them on dating platforms. Be creative, bold, and fun to impress your Russian lady, and your life will never be the same.


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