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Russian girls: a perfect mix of fire and ice

Everyone has heard about Russian beauty. Ladies from Russia are valued by men all over the world for their gorgeous looks and well-oiled character. They make amazing wives and girlfriends. If you ever date a girl from Russia, be prepared that it would be a very comfortable and unforgettable relationship. At first, she might seem cold and distant, but once you get to know your Russian date a little closer, she opens up and surprises with her natural charm and playful personality. 

Therefore, do not believe the popular misconception about these people as they are not aggressive or violent. Russians tend to put up a barrier with strangers to protect themselves and their loved ones from any harm. But once they get to know you and see that you only wish them well, they turn into the most welcoming and warm-hearted people that you have ever met. Once you meet Russian girls and you get closer with them, you feel as if they put some kind of a magic spell on you, and you will never want to date anyone else. Read through this article to see more reasons why single men all over the world go crazy about dating Russian girls.

What kind of beautiful Russian ladies you can meet?

Russia is a very diverse country, which has many nationalities that reside there apart from Russians. So, people have different physical appearance depending on the region in Russia they originate from. You can meet Russian girls with a traditional Russian beauty, which is often depicted in books and historical images. A traditional Russian girl would have blonde hair, light blue eyes and pale skin. In many countries, having pale skin is considered a sign of aristocracy, which is also similar for Russians. 

They believe that having pale, almost transparent skin is beautiful. Simultaneously, it is common for modern Russians to have darker skin and hair. For example, ladies from southern areas would have brunette hair and brown or green eyes. However, people are constantly moving around the country; therefore, these two types of Russian women are present all over the country. No matter what your preference might be – blondes or brunettes, girls in Russia would fit any tastes.

What distinguishes Russian girls from others?

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Yes, Russian girls are cute and beautiful, but their attractiveness goes beyond that. First of all, these ladies are investing a lot of their time and effort in order to maintain their natural good looks. They take very good care of themselves and take it as a full-time job. 

All Russian women take care of even the most minor aspects of their physical appearance. Their nails will always have a fresh and tidy manicure, hair always clean and blow-dried, their make-up is never overdone and only highlights their naturally beautiful facial features. No females of other nationalities would dedicate as much effort to the way they look as Russians do. 

It is one of the aspects that distinguishes Russian girls from others. Another thing that would set them apart from any other nationality is that they are born as a perfect combination of fire and ice, when it comes to relationships. On the one hand, Russian girls are very yielding and easy-going with their partners. They treat their men as kings and let them always be in charge of the family. 

However, on the other hand, they are very passionate and high-powered when it’s the right time to show their emotions. These ladies are very protective of their loved ones and would fight for their family. It is unlikely that you would ever meet this kind of balance between the calm and the storm in any other women, as it is present in perfectly cute Russian girls.

Reasons you should date Russian girls

A lot of foreign men are dreaming about meeting a Russian girl to build a relationship with. Russian women have some kind of magnetism inside, which makes them irresistible for male singletons. It seems as if these ladies have absorbed the best personality aspects and combined them to charm you. Here are a few more reasons why you should start dating them.

Her looks will make you impressed

It is rare for Western women to wear high-heels on a daily basis and go to salons as often as Russians do; however, high-heels, make up and blow dry are a daily routine for Russian girls. The reason they are so invested into looking polished is that they want to look best for their husbands and boyfriends.

If you are dating a girl from Eastern Europe, accept the fact that she will go the extra mile to make sure that you are proud of dating her and want to show her off. Their strategy when it comes to styling and choosing outfits is to «dress to impress». She wants you to look at her with pleasure and admiration, and her looks are a great way of achieving it. The fact that these ladies put so much effort into pleasing their men makes Russian girls perfect for relationships.

Russian women make supportive partners

As women across the globe are being carried away by independence and feminism, Russians believe in marriage values. They are raised with the aspiration to be helpful and defend the rear of a family. It means that she will always let you take the leading role and will support you in all life aspects no matter what. If you choose a Russian girl as a partner, she is going to be there for you at all times and support all of your decisions.

But do not mistake their compliance with ineptitude and weakness. When the circumstances call for her to step in, she will easily overcome any obstacles and solve any problems to provide wellbeing for all of her family members. Russian women are mostly very soft and affectionate, but they know when to be strong and determined to get what they want. Some say it’s a dangerous combination.

Family is vital to for them

Eastern Europeans, especially Russians, love to stick to traditions. These people love family gatherings and generally prefer to spend time with their loved ones. Family plays a significant role in any Russian girl’s life. So, if you ever decide to make your relationship more serious and tie the knot with her, you can rest assured that your Russian date will make a faithful and loving lifetime partner. 

Russia is a conservative country where marriage plays a crucial role for a woman. If a Russian girl gets married, she does so with an intention to make the union last forever. That is why these girls are way more forgiving and understanding with their husbands. They will always give another chance and try to fix a relationship. 

On top of that, Russians tend to have many relatives; therefore, expect to be invited to dozens of fun Russian parties with drinking and singing traditional songs throughout the year. Once you become part of the family, everyone will be very welcoming and loving towards you.

Where to look for a Russian girlfriend

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After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russians had started to travel around the world and settle down in other countries hoping to build a better life. It is common to meet Russian girls almost anywhere in the world. They often come to popular tourist spots such as beach destinations or visit European cities. It is a great way to meet your potential date since both of you would be relaxed and tuned for a holiday romance, which might eventually turn into something more long-lasting and significant. 

Alternatively, you could try using dating apps to find single Russian girls. These ladies enjoy having online chats with men from other countries. They are very active Russian girls’ chat users and are looking for men they could date and see the world with. If you register with one of the popular online dating solutions, you will get access to a very large and diverse audience of hot Russian girls from all over the world.

If you are looking for a girl that would be more traditional and conservative, it would make sense to get in touch with ladies that live in Russia. Alternatively, girls that live abroad would have a more international mentality, but still keep their traditional Russian habits and have a fiery personality. It is up to you to identify which kind would fit your expectations more. Singletons can even chat to a few Russian girls online simulations just to figure out who they would have better chemistry with.


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